Day 15: Necessities

Almost caught up! After this, I’ll only need to write two more poems to be back on track. Hopefully once I get there, I can focus and stick to it.

15. 10 things you should always have

Looks like we’re gonna do another list poem!


All the Necessities

Don’t forget your cup of tea
You’ll need it for energy

Don’t forget your planner
You’ll need it to remember everything

Don’t forget your colorful pens
You’ll need them to organize your thoughts

Don’t forget your headphones
You’ll need them to escape your surroundings

Don’t forget your keys
You’ll need them to get to and from places

Don’t forget your journal
You’ll need it to jot down those windswept ideas

Don’t forget your phone
You’ll need it to work on the go

Don’t forget your computer
You’ll need it to work in place

Don’t forget your patience
You’re a very busy person

Don’t forget yourself
In the end, it’s all you have

I thought up the ending to this one before I got the rest of it down. I think writing things out of order keeps them from slipping away, I just need to remember to fill in the rest! I think there are 10 things there, I thought the repetition would make the end pop a bit.

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