Spotlight: Michael Ondaatje and The Cinnamon Peeler (1997)


So I’m currently reading The Cinnamon Peeler (1997), a selection of poems by Michael Ondaatje, and while I’ve only really been able to read and process a couple of the works, I couldn’t not post about him. This wild-haired, Canadian man born in Sri Lanka writes beautifully.
The Cinnamon Peeler is a collection of poems written from 1963 to 1990 about family, love, and life in general. I got my copy from my boyfriend for Christmas this past year, and I’m just as smitten by this gesture as I am reading Ondaatje’s work.

the cinnamon peeler

Not only is Ondaatje an incredibly moving poet, he’s also one of the contributors to Kwe: Standing With Our Sisters (2014), an anthology created by Amnesty International and editor Joseph Boyden to raise awareness on the violence against indigenous women in Canada. Unfortunately, the eBook is only available in Canada, which makes it difficult to obtain a copy and donate to the cause, but you can get involved here if you’re interested. Naturally, I contacted Amnesty International Canada to see if there’s any way to get a US access link, and I’ll update if I find one.

Back from that tangent. Michael Ondaatje: poet, artist, and activist for indigenous peoples’ human rights. Nice.

I highly recommend looking into him!

Spotlight is a series where I literally just geek out about a poet or poem that I love and that you should love too. No analysis, no academic fluff, just pure storytelling and sharing art that means something to me.

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