Clueless (1995) Review (Chick-Flick Challenge #2)

This post is not spoiler-free, and neither are any in the Chick-Flick Movie Challenge. To learn more about Clueless I recommend checking out its IMdB page. Ugh, as if! For the second movie in my Chick-Flick Movie Challenge, I watched Clueless, which premiered summer 1995 and was directed by Amy Heckerling. First of all, yay! … Continue reading Clueless (1995) Review (Chick-Flick Challenge #2)

Spotlight: Nikki Giovanni’s “All Eyez On U”

Source From what I've gathered, 8th grade was a rough year for seemingly everybody. I don't ever seem to hear someone saying, "man, 8th grade? Middle school? The best, hands down." That never happens. However, just like everything in life, 8th grade wasn't all bad. There were two major things in the 8th grade that made … Continue reading Spotlight: Nikki Giovanni’s “All Eyez On U”