Indefinite Hiatus

Over the past few months, I've been thinking about what this blog means and where I want to go with it. It seems as though I get incredibly excited about blogging and then at some point, taper off. I go through a cycle of being inspired, diving head first into an idea, but because I … Continue reading Indefinite Hiatus


Happy Pride, Walt Whitman!

Happy, happy Pride Month! To celebrate, I'm gonna spotlight some awesome queer poets and authors! First up is Walt Whitman! Whitman was known for kickstarting free verse and remains one of the most influential American poets in history! His well-known and first big collection, Leaves of Grass (1855), had several poems that openly represented his … Continue reading Happy Pride, Walt Whitman!

Re-Read Your High School Required Books

Looking back on some of the books I'd been assigned in middle and high school, I realized that I didn't fully appreciate a lot of them. They were usually classics, or harder-to-read books made to challenge us. We practiced noticing motifs, identifying themes, and writing thesis statements that we didn't really take much pride in. … Continue reading Re-Read Your High School Required Books

Happy New Year!

It's 2019! Hooray! One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be a little more consistent with my posts on this blog. I only have a few days left of winter break, and I think I'd like to use them to brainstorm and workshop some posts, poems, and maybe even some podcasts! For now though, … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Support Small Presses

There are many fantastic big presses that do a lot of great work, and this post is not discrediting large presses at all. Rather, this post is a call to support small presses. There are tons of small presses out in the world as I have very recently learned, and they produce incredible work. Their … Continue reading Support Small Presses

Putting Out Feelers: My (Very Early) Dive Into Potentially Getting Published

I've been looking into small presses, magazines, journals, and publications to potentially submit poetry to. I feel like I've kind of opened Pandora's box with this one, wow. First of all, there are so many small presses out there. Most of which ask for full manuscripts, and I just don't feel ready for that. I … Continue reading Putting Out Feelers: My (Very Early) Dive Into Potentially Getting Published

Another Mysterious Edition

I checked my mail this evening and was delighted to find yet another edition to my mysterious POETRY Magazine collection! This edition is tied for my favorite cover design with the July/August edition (the watercolor one on the bottom). I love the purpley shade of pink with the old English font. The back of every … Continue reading Another Mysterious Edition

A Poetry Mystery

Around mid-September, I opened my mailbox to find two booklets, individually wrapped in plastic, just sitting among the normal junk coupons I recycle. I pulled out the July/August 2018 and the September 2018 issues of POETRY Magazine, run by the Poetry Foundation. Unless I've developed a sleepwalking habit, I did not order these magazines. My … Continue reading A Poetry Mystery

Under Construction!

Hello! I just wanted to thank everyone who continues to follow this blog. I know I haven't been super active lately, though I've got some exciting plans in the works! Kindly continue to follow me, I really appreciate it, and I'll keep y'all posted on what's coming up! Honey In My Hair is not going … Continue reading Under Construction!

World Poetry Day 2018

Hello everyone! I know it's been a crazy long time since I've posted. In my defense, Winter Quarter was crazy (it always is) and for mental health reasons I could barely even focus on schoolwork much less running a successful blog. All that being said, I am now back, hopefully on a much more regular … Continue reading World Poetry Day 2018