Putting Out Feelers: My (Very Early) Dive Into Potentially Getting Published


I’ve been looking into small presses, magazines, journals, and publications to potentially submit poetry to. I feel like I’ve kind of opened Pandora’s box with this one, wow.

First of all, there are so many small presses out there. Most of which ask for full manuscripts, and I just don’t feel ready for that. I could see about editing and arranging some of the work I’ve already created in manuscript form, but still, that’s at least 36+ pages to have ready to send to a publisher.

I don’t know if I have that much ready to potentially curate.

I’ve been signing up for newsletters, following Instagram feeds, anything to potentially get more familiar with the world of poetry publication. It’s exciting, but incredibly overwhelming. All of a sudden, there’s this whole nebula of poets, editors, agents, publishers, small presses, big presses, all that I didn’t know about a week ago.

I might be in over my head. I feel like I’m diving head-first into this cacophonous universe. There’s so much to learn, I fear the spreadsheet I’ve been keeping might get overwhelmed quickly.

Also, guess who got another mystery Poetry Magazine edition? Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever figure out how this started happening. A couple weeks ago, I also got a tote bag, which is the perfect size for the magazine, a journal, and various pens and pencils.


Via The Poetry Foundation

So I have more poems to read, which I’m not about to start complaining over.

So if I get overwhelmed by the whole putting-myself-out-there thing, I can take a break with more poetry! I gotta say, one of the best parts about being on holiday break is having the freedom and time to really devote myself to this art.

My head is spinning. Here we go.

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