Wonderful! Podcast Features “Shedding Skin” by Harryette Mullen

Is there anything more exciting when one of your favorite things mentions another one of your favorite things?

Wonderful! is a podcast hosted by husband and wife Griffin and Rachel McElroy where they talk about things that they love in the world. From their witty banter to their endless positivity, subscribing to this show was a great decision. I get so excited when my podcast app gives me the notification that a new episode’s been released every Thursday.

Wonderful Cover Art

What is Wonderful!?

In a typical episode, Rachel and Griffin take turns sharing small wonders, where they talk about little things they enjoyed that week, then they each share two bigger things they like that they go into more detail about. It’s a hilarious show and they get so excited and passionate about the world around them.

This particular episode, they hosted their first ever live show in their hometown, Austin, TX, where they delved into detail about three things each! Bonus!

The Poetry Corner

Rachel McElroy, who is a poet herself, occasionally brings poetry as her thing, in a segment they like to call “The Poetry Corner.” This week, we not only got “The Poetry Corner,” we got Harryette Mullen featured. I nearly jumped out of my seat! You might know Mullen because she’s fantastic, or because I featured her once, or now because of Wonderful!

Rachel read Mullen’s “Shedding Skin” at 22:44 in the podcast. You can listen here, though I recommend checking out the full episode of the show because, well, it’s pretty wonderful! If you want to read along with Rachel, you can find the poem here.

Wonderful! is one of my favorite podcasts and Mullen is one of my favorite poets, so this was such a delight to see them together. I highly recommend checking them both out!


Harryette Mullen teaches poetry and African-American literature at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her works include Recyclopedia and Sleeping with the Dictionary.


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