Nano ’18: Day 1

The first day of Nanowrimo has officially concluded and I’m proud to say I’m in a good place!

To stay on track in this massive challenge, you need to write an average of 1,667 words every day. I managed to write 1,999 today alone!

My story is off to a great start. I have a bit of an ensemble cast of characters that will accompany my protagonist on her journey through the cosmos. I’ll admit, some of them have only existed in theory before about an hour ago.

A lot of my story will take place on a rocket ship in space, so I knew I would need some key roles filled to realistically keep the ship up and running. A ship can’t exactly function without someone in the engineer/mechanic role, so I knew I would need one, but I was stumped.

The beauty of Nano though is since you’re more worried about progressing and moving forward than getting every detail right is that your creativity muscles have a lot of opportunities to work on the fly. So I’m happy to announce that my ship’s crew currently has:

  • A captain
  • 2nd officer
  • Doctor
  • Mechanic
  • and a pilot!

I would say these are important roles, wouldn’t you?

I might feature these characters in their own posts later on, but they currently barely exist!

Check back tomorrow for another update!

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